Book NowThe SMTO AGM & Annual Conference takes place at the end of March each year.  2019 Conference will be held at Academy of Sport & Wellbeing, Perth College UHI, Crieff Road, PERTH, PH1 2NX. 

The 2019 Conference event will be presented by John Gibbons on the 23rd/24th March 2019, 9am-5pm both days.

John Gibbons trained in Osteopathy, Sports Therapy, Exercise Rehabilitation, Spinal Manipulation, Acupuncture and Nutrition, painstakingly developing a treatment method that is fast and effective, whether you are a house-wife or a top athlete or a super-fit soldier. John’s 20-year journey has culminated in the ‘Bodymaster Method’ - a unique fusion of therapy techniques rigorously designed to remove pain and restore mobility without recourse to drugs or surgery.

His mission in life is “to take away your pain”.

John has never presented in Scotland before and therefore I have asked him to present a day either side of the SMTO Conference. He will thus be presenting 4 one-day workshops:

Friday 22nd March 2019 - Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques - this one day workshop introduces you to advanced soft tissue techniques such as John’s Bodymaster release technique (BMRT), soft tissue release (STR), muscle energy techniques (MET), strain counterstrain (SCS), and positional release (PR) and some advanced myofascial release techniques. Once the method is learned, these techniques can be used all over the body, with great effects.

The 2-day hands-on conference workshops are entitled

Saturday 23rd March 2019 - The Vital Glutes & Psoas - John looks at two of the most neglected areas of the body: the gluteal and psoas muscles. He will teach how you can recognise pain and dysfunctional patterns that can arise in this area. He will address questions such as ‘why glute muscles cause pain and dysfunction in distant sites of the body, how the gait pattern contributes to pain and dysfunction, and will show us how the application of gluteal-psoas specific Muscles Energy Techniques aid full-body wellbeing.

Sunday 24th March 2019 - Shoulder Complex - this one-day workshop will enable you to gain the knowledge and practical experience necessary to identify, assess and treat specific dysfunction within the shoulder complex.

Monday 25th March 2019 - Neurological Testing made Simple - The workshop’s focus is on the peripheral Nervous System e.g. the brachial, lumbar and sciatic plexus. You will learn how to assess using the patella (reflex) hammer, as well as specific muscle testing (myotomes) and various sensory tests (dermatones) using specialist equipment.

The days will be divided into segments of lecture, demonstration by tutor, then work in partnerships with supervision by tutor and assistants.  Handouts will include appropriate illustrations and instructions. Time for questions and answers will be provided.


If you have a nomination for the Nick Carter Memorial Salver for Services to Massage Therapy do let us know.

The Trade Exhibition will be running both days from 9am to 5pm. The Trade Exhibition is open to everyone, free of charge. In attendance we have Songbird Naturals - selling Massage Wax & Balms, Handspring Publishing - bringing you lots of new books, Scottish Massage Schools - with details of courses, sweatshirts, oils, Hedgetables - herbal chocolate! and may more....... 

Title:              John Gibbons - The Bodymaster Method

Venue:           Academy of Sport & Wellbeing, Perth College UHI, Crieff Road, PERTH, PH1 2NX

Investment Early Bird prices - Cost/day: £50 (Student) / £100 (SMTO members) / £125 (non-members)  

Early bird prices available if paid in full before 31st December 2018.

                        £75 (Student) / £125 (SMTO members) / £150 (non-members) after 1st Jan 2019

Dates:            Friday 22nd March

                       Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th March - SMTO CONFERENCE & AGM

                       Monday 25th March 2019
                        9am – 5pm Each Day

Contact:         SMTO, 27 Craigs Ave, Edinburgh EH12 8HS.

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