3rd & 4th Year Student Membership Subscription

Please enter information on the form below to process subscription for 3rd & 4th Year Student Membership. The price you have to pay is £25.00. SMTO Members do not need to pay for subscription to the OTMS Magazine as this is included in the membership price.

Please pay using PayPal below or send payment to our financial department ASAP. If you choose to pay offline, we will activate your subscription upon receipt of payment and you can login to access to allowed resources on our site.

Payment can be made by any of the following methods.

Cheque (made payable to SMTO) sent to SMTO, 27 Craigs Avenue, Edinburgh EH12 8HS

Bank transfer to SMTO, 83-51-00, 17001395 (please mark as with your name as reference)



If no, then please fill in the details below. N.B. More information may be requested later.

First Aid


Please provide details of two independent professionals, at least one of whom must be a practising healthcare professional.

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I give permission for my details to be kept on the SMTO database adhering to the Data Protection Act 2018
I will forward my insurance certificate once received
I confirm that there have been no disciplinary findings against me in the past year.
I confirm that there are no outstanding professional complaints against me (other than any made to SMTO).
I confirm that there have been no criminal convictions or cautions against me in the past 5 years (not including motor offences punishable only by a fine)
I confirm that there are no health issues affecting my ability to practice.
I hereby wish to become a Member of the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation. I have read and understood the SMTO Practice Standards: Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics and agree to be bound by its terms, to include the SMTO Continuing Professional Development Policy and the SMTO Disciplinary and Complaints Policy. I confirm that the information above is accurate.
I understand that I will renew again when I graduate.

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